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Technology Cluster Products

Fintech & Insurtech Platforms

Unlocking the power of technology to revolutionize Tax Management for an enhanced customer experience and an ‘Actuary in the pocket’ for the insurance industry.


HealthTech Platform

Managing all health needs for patients, clinicians and health providers with our advanced recruitment, consultation and RPM technology.


Smart Suite

With the innovative Smart suit, manage cities and implement industry 4.0 practices for a smart, secure & sustainable future.


Drones & Robotics

Materialize the possibilities of tomorrow with our cutting-edge Drones & Robotics Solutions designed to address multiple use cases across industries.


ISR / Testing

A comprehensive testing platform to mange quality across the organizations digital landscape.


Security & Analytics

Protect your physical and digital assets with  advanced security analytics platform and solutions.


EV Chargers

A complete e-mobility ecosystem including HW & SW to manage your fleet or individual charging needs.